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Popular Indian sweets you need to buy this New Year

Indian sweets are a must on every occasion, whether you want to buy them for your family or gift it to friends. India and the sweet dishes go hand-in-hand that give a profound flavour to your taste buds. It just adds a sweet twist to your same old routine meal.

Here are some of the popular Indian sweets:

Indian sweets – Rasagulla:

Rasagulla or the soft and syrupy dumpling is a popular dish in Odisha and West Bengal, both holding GI tags for their own variants. It is basically prepared with cottage cheese and sugar. However, rasagulla is no more limited to boundaries of just two states rather it spans across the entire Indian subcontinent, making it a sure sort of thing dessert serving in weddings, festivals, and get-togethers.

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Gulab Jamun:

Who does not like the sweet sugary scent and dark chocolaty coloured gulab jamuns that are placed after you right after a meal! This sweet is made up of khoya and shaped like small balls. These balls are deep fried to get that delving colour. If it’s a marriage party, it is never complete without gulab jamuns, being the favourite among people.

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Son Papdi:

The popular Indian sweet list would not be complete without Son Papdi, a delicacy from the west of India. For someone who prefers a dish to be less sweet, this is an apt choice for him/her. These are cube shaped and flaky in texture. The addition of cardamom and other ingredients like ghee or clarified butter, gram flour, milk, and sugar gives it an amazing aroma and flavour.

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Rajasthani Namkeen Sweets

Which of these sweets tickle your dessert fancy? Share your opinions in the comments.

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