Rajasthani Namkeen Sweets

Indian Christmas sweets for celebration season

Christmas is not just limited to western countries, but it has gained much popularity in India as well. And Christmas sweets and namkeens have been a major part of Christmas celebration. Unlike any other festival, in Christmas also, we believe in sharing and gifting sweets to our neighbours, friends, and […]

Rajasthani Namkeen Soan Papdi

Popular Indian sweets you need to buy this New Year

Indian sweets are a must on every occasion, whether you want to buy them for your family or gift it to friends. India and the sweet dishes go hand-in-hand that give a profound flavour to your taste buds. It just adds a sweet twist to your same old routine meal. […]

Rajasthani Namkeen snacks

Indian Namkeens at your service – What’s your favourite?

The word Namkeen originates from the word “namak”, which means “salt”. Indian namkeens include a variety of savory snacks that can be easily prepared. The namkeen is the best ever snack that is enjoyed by people of every age. It has been a very prominent part of our everyday life, […]