Rajasthani Namkeen snacks

Indian Namkeens at your service – What’s your favourite?

The word Namkeen originates from the word “namak”, which means “salt”. Indian namkeens include a variety of savory snacks that can be easily prepared. The namkeen is the best ever snack that is enjoyed by people of every age. It has been a very prominent part of our everyday life, satisfying our hunger whenever we feel the urge to munch on something, from being our afternoon snacks to being our evening snacks or something to go along with our main course. Munching on snacks is an old age practice in India and is still continuing to lure many.

Types of Indian namkeens

Before 40 years, India was home to only 2-3 types of namkeens. However, post mid 80’s, we observed an increasing variety of snacks being available in the market for example Bhujia Sev, Alloo Bhujia, Moong Dal, Variety of Mixtures including khatta Meetha mixture, Spicy Mixture, and others.

What makes it unique?

The three most important characteristics in Indian namkeens include taste, variety, and quality. The taste pallet of India is heterogeneous. A variety of sweet or salty food is available in India. Among the variations available in the market, namkeen products have successfully created an additional flavour of Khatta Meetha in the Indian market. At times people are attracted to namkeens due to their “mithas” which means sweetness. If you love the taste of authentic namkeens then you cannot say no to them. This unique taste has made India famous for namkeens. People have always been showing keen interest in consuming traditional snacks and the ongoing interest is expected to be rooted in people’s hearts for a long time to come.

These Indian namkeens will satisfy your taste buds keeping the nutritional level at check. Get it now!

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