Rajasthani Namkeen Christmas

Christmas namkeens – Take home for you

Unlike Christmas sweets, Christmas namkeens have also become popular among Indian families. With New Year also around the corner, we are ready to prepare or shop online for some delicious and crispy namkeen snacks. Why is namkeen snack gaining popularity? The answer might be simple. It can be prepared in large quantities and can be stored for weeks or even up to months. When it comes to packaged namkeens, the options are many.

Mixtures as the popular Christmas namkeen

Mixtures come in many variants like spicy, khatha meetha that has both sweet and savoury flavours, and so on. If you enjoy the crunchy bites of mixture, go for the Navratna mixture that has a mix of seasoning like black pepper, dhania, black salt, mango powder, and so on. Someone who is a tea or coffee lover, namkeens can accompany you in this festive season.

Namkeens from around the corners of India

Apart from mixtures, some of the other popular Christmas namkeens for gifting are moong dal, roasted peanuts, aloo bhujia, ganthia, etc. You can enjoy these namkeens as tea or evening snacks. Chewda and cornflakes mixtures are also winning over the Indian taste buds with its crunchy texture. Who can get over the Bikaneri Bhujia? And the deep fried moong dal with crunchy and crispy texture! Even children enjoy these snacks to munch on with friends.

The namkeen snacks are the best alternatives to enjoy in between meal times or any time of the day. Children, elderly and adults, everyone loves namkeen snacks.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on to our website product section and grab your favourite namkeen product and snacks online. This Christmas let’s gift a bunch of happiness to our near and dear ones with Christmas Namkeen snacks.

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